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Welcome to the world of KUZEY GROUP
KUZEY GLOBAL Makine Ltd.Sti. is the leading manufacturer of machinery and
tools for the thermoforming and packaging technology world-wide. Our customers produce high quality thermoplastic caps with complete satisfaction. In more than 20 countries our customers produce with success high quality plastic cups.
We are group of companies which consist of KUZEY GLOBAL & KUZEYFORM &
CAG, developing and producing high quality thermoforming machines and equipments with an experience over 20 years. Our companies stand for innovations, highest quality and global service,
The evolution of new materials and varied fields of applications of thermoforming technology are pushing the end user to find a supplier who is able to provide solutions to thermoforming problems.
By keeping in close contact with our customers we can provide information and support in this continuously changing market.

High Thermoforming Technology by KUZEY

Thermoforming provides for cost-effective, productive manufacturing of food packing such as drinking and yogurt cups, trays, containers, sauce shells etc.
Range of our full automatic thermoforming machines are the best solution for manufacturing of cups in various shapes and sizes in large quantities.
KUZEY has two goals for further development of these machines: increase in output capacity and at same time an improvement to product.
Potential optimization features of machine and tool technology should have qualityadvantage for the user as well as cost. Users are able to produce more stable and stiffer plastic cups at lower unit costs.

Best Regards
Kuzey Global Ltd.Team


Product qualities and demand of new solutions in thermoforming increasing more and more. Our KG-730 thermoforming machine has very important place insuring for long-term competitive production.
The second, also important, component is tool.In this field also KUZEY ensures high technological products made by sensitive CNC machines and, first
class tools with experienced technical teams of workmen.

Because perfect synchronization of the both components is indispensable in terms of performance, productivity and reliability.

Optimum thermoforming results can only be achieved by precise interaction between the machine and the mold – this is a key part of KUZEY's philosophy. KUZEY has technological and sensitive tooling designs have been tested in original machines. When a mold ordered from KUZEY is delivered to the customer, commissioning will be quick and easy. All the operator has to do is complete his set-up routine, enter the settings supplied into the machine's control system, and load suitable sheet stock for the new product



Dear Friends,
As Kuzey Group, we are always grateful to you for your right decision to cooperate with us. With your support, we have come a long way in building thermoforming machines and we are proud of having our machines to be used in your plastic manufacturing. And it is always good to know and see that the both sides are winning : we as machine manufacturer and you as disposable plastic producers.
And now, Kuzey made a new step, regarding to meet the need of our valuable friends : Extruder.
Thermoforming and extruder are connected to each other like flesh and bone. You cannot imagine one without the other. Knowing this, Kuzey is going into partnership in manufacturing finest extruders in Turkiye, with quality standards of Kuzey. Now we are ready to offer you, finest Thermoforming machine with the finest extruder. We can do the projects as Extruder-inline to Thermoforming. All you need to decide, what capacity you need. Quality will be same of Europe, as always, and price will be Kuzey’s friendly pricing, as always.
As you already know, dear friends, we provide grinders in-line, and compressors from the most reliable friends here in Istanbul. So, Kuzey can now make for you:

All as in-line. With Kuzey quality, and Kuzey guaranty. All you need now is to have good sales. Rest is our duty.

Best Regards
Mustafa Alemdar,GM
Kuzey Global Machinery

What is thermoforming? And where we are in thermoforming ?


Thermoforming is simply forming by heat. The system is basically is to heat the sheet, PP,PS,PET,PVC, and by chain movement to carry it in between upper and lower mold. While the sheet is in the molds, then mold closes and by the help of plugs,and air, forming is done. Same mold as well does the cutting. After mold opens, formed cups are ready to be stacked.
In our KG 730 thermoforming machine, stacking is part of the system and stacker comes towards to the mold. It then catches the cups, stacks them and then conveys to the next stage, the elevator. From the elevator, a conveyor carries them to a continious moving band. The rest is your choice. You can have these cups counted and sleeved ,with no interruption or you can have them taken by a worker to the boxes to be used in printing machines.

Our thermoforming machines are fine to work on PP,PS,PET,and PVC sheets. Machines are made by using European parts. Especially, our highest quality and technological machine KG-730 is fully made by German parts. Resistances-heaters , Cables, servomotors, Gear box-stober, pneumatics, lubrication, steel-bohler, aluminium-alumec, screws, roller-bearings and all
We like to keep our quality high always and we are open to suggestions from our friends. We are focused on client success in business, since we know very well that client’s success in business is our success also.
If you are into plastic disposable cup and containers manufacturing, then we offer you the best. Both for its quality and for its cost for you. You make your first income by purchasing the Europe quality thermoforming in very friendly prices.
We also like to make offers for Turn-Key projects,since we cooperate with best manufacturers for Extruder, Chillers,Crushers and Compressors all made in Turkey.

Dear friends,

Kuzey Global has 2 factories in Istanbul, where we manufacture our thermoforming machines. We have over 45 workers in total. We are always ready to give you service for your thermoforming needs. If you are in manufacturing of thermoformed products, from PP,PS,PVC,PET, cups, containers ,lids, and other plastic disposable items, you then should visit us.

Best Regards

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